SCDSA Proudly Introduces Our 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Each year the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs' Association awards scholarships to the children of full-time members who are preparing to attend or are attending an accredited two year college, four year undergraduate school or trade school.  This year, we awarded 15 scholarships.   Download PDF File Here

Peace Officers Day at the Capitol

Law enforcement and the people they protect are under attack by dangerous legislation.  It's time we stand together and defend them.Please join us for Peace Officers Day at the Capitol, Tuesday, May 28 at 10:00 AM.

National Police Week - Candlelight Vigil

Several members from SCDSA are in Washington, DC for National Police Week ceremonies.  These are photos taken during the 31st Annual Candlelight Vigil, Monday, May 13, 2019: 

Take a Virtual Tour of the Law Enforcement Memorial Museum

Take a look inside the Law Enforcement Memorial Museum in Washington, DC

"Jailbirds" Begins Streaming on Netflix May 10

There's a new Netflix series set to begin streaming on Friday, May 10, documenting life inside the Sacramento County Main Jail. "Jailbirds" is described as being gritty. Producers originally wanted to showcase how inmates navigate their time on the inside, using the programs offered to help them upon their release.  But that's not the narrative of the final product.  The series has received some criticism for how it may portray the city of Sacramento."Jailbirds" was the topic...

Local and state memorials held ahead of National Police Week

Stasyuk Flowers
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Ahead of National Police Week (May 12-18) in Washington, DC, local agencies across the country conduct their own ceremonies to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.On Thursday, May 2, during a Noon-time ceremony, we honored the fallen at the Sacramento County Police and Sheriff Memorial.  Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Mark Stasyuk (assigned to the Rancho Cordova Police Department) was enrolled onto the Memorial with his family and agency in attendance.Statewide cerem...

Officers prepare for 300 mile Police Unity Tour in Washington D.C.

From ABC10's Madison MeyerAs dozens of men and women prepare for a more than 300 mile bike ride, they know every pedal forward is practice for the real ride to remember fallen law enforcement and to honor the families of fallen officers across the country. On Sunday, the men and women of the Police Unity Tour - Northern California Chapter XIII held a practice ride as they prepared for the more than 300 mile Police Unity Tour, a bike ride spanning over four days in Washington D.C.  ...

VIDEO: Deputy Sheriff Julie Robertson Shares Why AB 392 is Bad for Law Enforcement

On Tuesday, April 9, Deputy Sheriff Julie Robertson, along with Shane LaVigne of Capitol Advocacy and Kathleen Mastagni Storm, testified before the California Assembly Public Safety Committee in opposition to AB 392. Twice during Deputy Robertson's powerful testimony, members of the audience had to be quieted by the committee chairman.  Click here to watch the video now.

Where's the Media Outrage When Officers are Shot?

Nahshon Ishmael Brooks (Source- LSP)
Police Chief Georgia Shootings
These Officers Were Shot This Week. Where's The Media Outrage?Posted by Kyle S. Reyes | Apr 4, 2019 https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/police-officers-shot-media-outrage/Whenever there’s a police-involved shooting, it usually makes big headlines.  When the bodycam footage is released and edited by local TV stations to show an out-of-context clip making the cop look guilty, it EXPLODES.Even if it turns out the cop was justified in the shooting.So why is it that daily sho...

Show Your Support For Fallen Officers With a Specialized Licence Plate

By purchasing a specialized license plate you can ensure the California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation continues to receive the funds needed to honor, not just our fallen heroes, but the families they left behind.  Click here to sign up now.