Welcome the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association! 

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Today, the Association represents over 1,600 sergeants, deputies and non-sworn personnel employed by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Nearly 100% of all employees within our bargaining unit are Association members. The SCDSA provides every member unequalled opportunity for personal growth, professional advancement, labor and legislative access and representation, legal protection, security and peace of mind. Most of all it affords us an opportunity to be a part of a powerful voice in law enforcement today./p>

I want to personally invite you to join our family of law enforcement professionals, who collectively work tirelessly to provide the best customer service possible to our community.

pic 1.jpgBelow you will find some of the more important benefits of being a member of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. Keep in mind that these benefits continue to improve and evolve but are for members only. Those employees that do not opt in for membership do not receive any benefit from the Association, including administrative and legal representation or grievance assistance.

I have been with the Sheriff’s Department for 23 years and a member of the Association for the same amount of time. I have always considered myself to be part of two great organizations. We provide law enforcement in the Capitol of one of the largest economies in the world, and it’s my goal to ensure we become the benchmark that every Association in the country attempts to emulate. It cannot be over-stated that we are a brotherhood, and together we are strong. I would like to welcome you aboard, and I promise to do my job while you are out there doing yours!



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Kevin Mickelson


Legal Defense

Administrative and legal representation in the internal investigation process from initial interviews through appeals process.

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HR-218 Legal Coverage

HR-218 is the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004.

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Free Legal Consultation

A free one hour Consultation with an attorney regarding non-course and scope personal matters.

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The Right To Vote

On who you want to lead your association and on issues which effect your life

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Insurance and Financial Benefits

As an association member, you have exclusive access to critical insurances and financial benefits.

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STAR 6 Foundation Benefits

As a member of the SCDSA, you are eligible for benefits through the STAR 6 Foundation.

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Who Is Eligible To Join?

Membership is exclusively for those classifications covered under the Law Enforcement Non-Supervisory (003) Unit

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Valuable Member Benefits

SCDSA proudly offers and expanding array of benefits to its membership.

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